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Frame from my part in my latest MAP, No Need For a Leader.Joan of Arc should hopefully come out within a few days!


Frame from my part in my latest MAP, No Need For a Leader.

Joan of Arc should hopefully come out within a few days!


When people in the warrior cats fandom comment on a fan made video about Scourge and saying that his collar is the “wrong” color:



In other news

My kitten is apparently 6 months old.

Time to give him his apprentice name.

He’s a blue gray tabby tom with a lighter underbelly and greenish brown eyes (not hazel, a bit more different)

And I won’t name him Ash- or Stone-

sounds like  Jay- to me


why the fuck is there so much drama and fighting and social justice shit in a fandom about a cat soap opera



Why does the warrior cat fandom still exist and why is allikaynya still part of it

Because I’m desperately clinging to old successes

The pros of not having a Warrior Cats movie


Everyone is begging for a Warriors movie, we all want one. But have you ever thought about the pros of not having one?
We’ve all been on YouTube and chances are, if your a Warriors fan especially, you’ve come across an animation done by an amateur and not a professional. If you liked it, you checked out animations dome by other people. Chances are that all these YouTube animators have read Warriors and are a fan if it. It’s rare to find a YouTube animator who has not read Warriors.
We’ll from not having a Warriors movie, these animators have made MAP’s and AMV’s and PMV’s and fan episodes to fill the void. Now if there had been a Warriors movie, everyone would have used the clips from the movie instead of animating their own.
Because of these animations, people discover what they love: animating. Because of these animations, people are getting into college. Because of these animations, we will have a new generation of people working at Disney and Dreamworks and every other animation studio. We’ll have actually good tv shows in just a few years because of these animations.
Because we don’t have a Warriors movie, people are discovering what they love to do. People like myself.